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Jerry Shore Studs Tanning Their Biffed Up Tops Nude

April 9th, 2010 No comments

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The dudes of Jersey Shore gives us a sweet treat in these steamy photos. They where getting a tan, and every single one of this tasty looking guys are topless. These reality celeb studs just look darn gorgeous and exceptionally fit! Well one looks like he’s a flabby outcast, but that cutie still looks cute! I wonder how truly huge their dicks are? Sign up at Celeb Twinks Only and see celebrity hunks like them get exposed! Get to see who’s really well hung and truly gorgeous in Tinseltown!

Chris Hemsworth Is One Nude Trekkie Cutie

April 1st, 2010 No comments

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Star Trek hottie Chris Hemsworth looks really sexy in these shirtless photos! I don’t mind to be called a nerdy trekkie as long as they beam me up together with this hot Aussie stud. He’s just one sexy sight to look at! Chris Hemsworth is definitely stunning and his topless photos are just one of a kind! Plus his hot juicy and succulent nips are just perfect! See more of Chris Hemsworth inside Twinks Celebs Only and sign up today to see how really ripped and well hung your favorite celebs guys are!

American Idol David Male Archuleta Loves Getting Sweaty

March 23rd, 2010 No comments

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Here’s some steamy random photos of the adorable David Archuleta getting all sweaty while singing his lungs out. This handsome American Idol hottie always break out a sweat while singing. Break out is an understatement… David Archuleta loves getting drenched in a pool of his own sweet sweat whenever he’s wailing out a tune. Just imagine when he’s doing filthy sex acts! Such a big sweat-a-thon turn on! See more of David Archuleta getting all wet with sweat inside Twink Celebs Only! It’s where you’ll see the hottest celeb twinks getting exposed in hot nude photos and sex movies!

Aaron Paul Renfree Proves That He Is A Major Hunk Celebrity

March 13th, 2010 No comments

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S Club 8 member Aaron Paul Renfree wants us to lick his entire body! In these steamy random photos, the once lovable boytoy is looking like a certified hunk! He looks so good half naked… I wonder how he does butt naked! See hot celeb hunks like him inside Celeb Twinks Only, it has hundreds of hot and naughty nude photos and sex tapes of your favorite celeb hunks!

Jeremy Edwards Male Ripped And Looking Good On Tv

March 3rd, 2010 No comments

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Here’s Brit dude Jeremy Edwards letting the entire world how sexy his body is. He looks amazingly sexy topless and his nipples are all hard and begging for some attention! This guy is such an Adonis, he still has his tasty body! See more of Jeremy Edwards hot body inside Twinks Celebs Only and sign up now to access lots of hot nude photos and sexy movies of celebrity hunks!

Young Stud Nude Tom Bott Is One Hot London Import

January 15th, 2010 No comments

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London is gifted with the finest twinks and sexiest male hunks. Case in point is Tom Bott, a 21 year old cutie who grew up in Surrey and is now scorching up the London scene with his hotness and perfect body! This young actor already appeared in several Brit theater and TV shows and by the looks of his hot photos he’s ready to conquer the world. Yippee up to that! See more of Tom Bott’s sexiness and other celeb hunks from around the globe here at Twink Celeb Only!

Lewis Winyard And His Tasty Nipples Celebrity

November 15th, 2009 No comments

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London has a new celebrity sexy stud that will surely make huge impact on the biz. He’s already doing it on our bulges. He’s Lewis Winyard, a 19 year old English model and actor and he’s packing it big! Lewis is really extra tasty especially his mouth watering abs and suckable nips! See more hot celeb twinks like him inside Celeb Twinks Only and see how well hung and ripped they really are!

Brad Pitt Naked

October 12th, 2009 1 comment

You don’t get this award by accident. Brad Pitt definitely is one of the sexiest specimens of beautiful twinks who went on to become men. Over the years we’ve amassed gigs of video and photo content showing full frontal cock shots and more.
Let’s not even get started with the huge stacks of content we have in the members area. We’ve spent years collecting the hottest, most erotic nude and NN stuff Brad Pitt has ever offered the world.
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