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Salomon Kalou Celeb Showing Off His Choco Abs

May 10th, 2010 No comments

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Here’s some steamy photos of Salomon Kalou, the sexy Ivorian football player now connected to the Chelsea club. He’s really a hunky black dude… his abs are just perfect! But Salomon Kalou’s crotch is more than that… it’s absolutely yummy! You have to give it to soccer players, their just a hot bunch of hunks! See more of Salmon Kalou’s huge bulge and well sculpted ebony body inside Twink Celebs Only! Visit them today and see more hot and sexymale celebrities from around the globe getting exposed in hot nude photos and steamy sex scandal movies!

Hot Nude Stud Chace Crawford Going For His Bulge

February 13th, 2010 No comments

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It’s early morning and Chace Crawford is showing us all that he looks naturally good even when he’s not dress and stuffed with studio make-up! Sweet god, I think Chace Crawford is teasing the cameras on purpose with him revealing his hairy armpits and then his hands going under his shorts. Before these steamy photos, I was not really a fan but seeing him grab his crotch made me an instant follower. The scruffy and "I-just-came-out-of-my-bed" look fits him perfectly. See more of Chace Crawford’s cock-grabbing fun inside Twink Celebs Only and see more hot Hollywood studs showing off their tasty bodies in hot nude photos and raunchy sex movies!

Josh Duhamel Wet, Sweaty And Bulging Naked In Jogging Pants

February 8th, 2010 No comments

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Josh Duhamel and his bulge getting wet and sweaty while in track pants. He’s taking a jog out somewhere and his medium bulge serves as some kind of pointer or something. It’s really poking forward. Josh Duhamel’s crotch is not very big but his package is still very nice for an all American stud like him. So for those who loves their dicks average, feast your eyes on Josh Duhamel’s sweaty photos! More Hollywood studs like Josh Duhamel getting exposed in revealing naked photos and homemade sex movies inside Twink Celebs Only!

Chris Evans Half Naked And Flaming Male Hot

December 9th, 2009 No comments

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The Human Torch apparently has a full carpet of bush on his chest! Here’s Chris Evans the handsome American hunk who plays a flaming hot super hero in the Fantastic Four flicks. If he’s the Human Torch in real life then he’ll most likely stink like a burnt out carpet because this handsome stud’s chest is fully carpeted with a trimmed straight line of hair going straight down his huge crotch. But whatever, no matter how he smells this wide screen hunk is still easy to the eyes! In these sexy topless photos see just what we’re talking about… just make sure you get some towels nearby! Get to see steaming hot photos of male celebrities like Chris Evans here at Twink Celebs Only and get access to the largest male celeb scandals archive on the web to see you favorite ripped and well hung celeb studs!

Grady Sizemore Celebrity Iii Covering His Well Hung Dick With A Coffee Mug

December 1st, 2009 No comments

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This guy will surely make your dicks hard with his tasty set of photos! It’s Grady Sizemore III, the hunky center fielder of the Cleveland Indians in some really sexy private home photos. All of it includes showing off his magnificent body and and grabbing onto his tasty crotch! There’s nothing tasteless on this handsome stud’s Adonis like frame! More of Grady Sizemore and his naughty camera antics inside Twink Celebs Only, where male celebs show how well hung and ripped they really are in thousands of sexy nude pictures and raunchy home movies!

Taylor Lautner And His Celeb Wet Nipples Says Hello

November 26th, 2009 No comments

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Okay, I know there’s a lot of tasty Taylor Lautner photos on the net right now. But who can blame the internet… this stud is just a hot item! See New Moon’s gorgeous werewolf get wet and wild while at the beach wearing a crisp white shirt and hot jeans that makes his crotch look really big! Taylor’s well toned pecs does wonders on a wet white t-shirt! More of Taylor Lautner’s gorgeous body inside Twink Celebs Only where the raunchiest male celeb nude photos and raunchy home movies are just waiting for you to access them!

Chris Pine Can Make Anyone A Trekkie With His Nude Crotch

October 23rd, 2009 No comments

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I’m not a fan of Star Trek but seeing Chris Pine’s huge bulge, I’m totally willing to learn Klingon! This stud makes everything look sexy even when he’s out on his plain old street clothes, and just look at his giant crotch! That’s one large dangler between his legs. So beam me up Scottie or should I say beam up my stiffy! More of Chris Pine’s huge bulge inside Twink Celebs Only where you can get the steamiest male celeb photos and raunchy private home movies when you join in!

Umut Karan Is Celebrity One Well Hung Football Player

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

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Do you know who Umit Karan is? Well it’s about time you did! He’s the 33 year old handsome football stud of Turkey. Umit is the lead striker of his Turkish football team, and my gosh does he look really striking! He’s super hot, ruggedly handsome and packing a big bulge, just the way we all like ‘em! In these steamy photos be amazed on the size of his crotch and how hot his sexy booty is! More of Umit and other male celebs around the globe showing off their masculine sexiness inside Twink Celebs Only!

Gavin Rossdale And His Crotch Sweating Celebrity It Out On The Tennis Court

October 11th, 2009 No comments

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Rock and roll guys are just hot and tasty! Gavin Rossdale has been making our dicks stiff with his voice and ruggedly hot look since we first heard him on the rock band Bush. This good looking daddy and sexy hubby to Gwen Stefani still has it, by that we mean he can still make our cocks stiff! In these sizzling photos he flaunts off his hair covered daddy chest and, wait it that a huge bulge in his tennis shorts? Well what ever it is, it just adds up to Gavin’s crazy sex appeal! View more of him and other male celebs in their sexy nude pics and private sex movies here at Twink Celebs Only!